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Fish, swim and boat on Southern Iowa's all sports lake, Sundown Lake!
Beautiful lakefront home with landscaped yard and a sand beach on the lake ideal for swimming!
Custom built lakefront homes at Sundown Lake in Southern Iowa!
Paddle boat and kayak waiting on the lakefront for the owner of this custom lakefront home to come out and play!
Secluded wooded Iowa property with lakefront home beneath mature trees.
Iowa lake property! The boat dock holds all your water toys and the shed keeps all your land toys on this waterfront property with custom built lake home!
Iowa waterfront property with total seclusion!
Hillside lakefront home gives you breathtaking panoramic views of the lake!
7 Miles of shoreline to explore on this private Iowa all sports lake!
Sundown Lake, a 400+ acre private lake with great fishing, boating and swimming!
Secluded vacation home with lakefront and four seasons of fun! Your lake home away from home!
Plenty of elbowroom on this Southern Iowa lake! Boat, fish and swim from your lakefront home!
No homes on top of homes on this Iowa waterfront property and ample amounts of lakefront for you to enjoy!
Abundance amount of room for accessory buildings on this Southern Iowa lakefront property with custom built lakefront home!
New lakefront home construction with anxious owners waiting to vacation and play on their own lakefront and Sundown Lake!
Walk along the shoreline of your lakefront property and enjoy the morning mist on Sundown Lake!
Good friends, good food and a great view from the deck of your lakefront home makes this the perfect Iowa lake property!
Private sand beach and bath house at Sundown Lake, which are yours to enjoy along with the lake once you own a property at the lake!
Southern Iowa's premier waterfront with a custom built lakefront home!
Sundown Lake, Iowa's best-kept secret and a great boating and fishing lake!
The owner of this beautiful lakefront home came from Alaska and found out that Sundown Lake is Iowa's place to be!
Southern Iowa's largest private lake with lakefront and wooded acreages for sale!
Sundown Lake with 7 miles of shoreline for you to explore!
Log Home at Sundown Lake with the ultimate 'Man Room'! Lakefront property is available for you to create your own special place!
What a magnificent view of the lake and countryside from this log home at Sundown Lake!
The views, fishing, boating, swimming and relaxation; it doesn't get any better at Sundown Lake!
Fun fishing for all ages at Sundown Lake!
Quiet coves on a private 400 acre Iowa lake with all water recreation!
Iowa log cabin in the woods at Sundown Lake!
There is more than Iowa lakefront for sale at Sundown Lake!
Sundown Lake is definitely the place to be! Own waterfront property on this lake!
Fishing on Sundown Lake in the evening!
Enjoy a beautiful sunset at Sundown Lake!

Sundown Lake Area Information

Lake Sundown SunsetOriginally constructed in the early 1970's, Sundown Lake was built to the highest standards in one of Southern Iowa's most pristine areas. The lake boasts over seven miles of shoreline. Current depths of the lake near 18 feet at the dam. Sand beach can be found in front of many of the lake front lots. Several amenities have been constructed to help landowners utilize the lake including a bath/shower house, boat launch, and private swimming beach.

The land around Sundown Lake offers a diverse mixture of hardwoods and rolling meadows. Several properties off the lake have panoramic views overlooking the lake and various watershed ponds providing an excellent wildlife habitat.

Lake Sundown is located in Appanoose County and with a population of just under 14,000 people; Appanoose County is the embodiment of a rural Midwest community. Appanoose County was formed on February 17, 1843, from open territory. It was named for the Meskwaki Chief Appanoose, who did not engage in war against Black Hawk, advocating peace. The present county seat was formerly called Chaldea, and was later renamed to Senterville in honor of Governor Senter of Tennessee. Now spelled "Centerville", the county seat is home to a great Community College and excellent healthcare facilities.


Rathbun Lake Area Information

Lake Sundown FunWithout a doubt, Appanoose County's most popular attraction is Rathbun Lake. Often referred to as "Iowa's Ocean," Rathbun Lake is one of Iowa's largest and finest lakes with over 11,000 acres of water, 155 miles of shoreline, inviting coves and great water quality. Construction of the dam for an embankment for Rathbun Lake began in September 1964. Rathbun Lake was dedicated July 31, 1971 with President Richard Nixon being the keynote speaker. For the last 40 years Rathbun lake has been enjoyed by thousands of families taking advantage of the unmatched fishing and the excellent boating opportunities!


Lake Sundown GreensLake Rathbun is also home to Iowa's newest attraction, Honey Creek Resort State Park, and has just announced a $90,000,000 entertainment, retail, and lodging/residential development that will compliment the resort perfectly! Honey Creek Resort has been an outstanding addition to the many tourist attractions throughout the Rathbun Lake area, offering a beautiful "Lodge Like" hotel with a wonderful water park, and fantastic dining facilities. Along with that, there are many cabins for rent and a championship Links style golf course!


Lake Sundown DeerHoney Creek Resort, along with the many other new tourist facilities being constructed are a welcome new attraction for Appanoose County. However there is one thing that Appanoose County has always been famous for, the tremendous hunting opportunities! South central Iowa boasts some of the best hunting land in North America for white tail deer and wild turkey. It has become even more famous with the harvesting of the world record "Albia Buck" a few years ago. The incredible white tail genetics in the area has been drawing hunters from all over North America for years. Add to that an abundant wild turkey population, and a nice coyote, fox and raccoon population, and you have a true hunters paradise.


One thing that makes the Lake Sundown area even more appealing for hunters is the wide variety of public land provided by the Stevens State Forest. The Unionville Unit of the Stephens State Forest is located just a few minutes from Lake Sundown and encompasses nearly 2,500 acres of rolling oak forest, pasture lined creeks, and groves of cedars, absolutely perfect white tail habitat!

The more you begin to explore Appanoose County, the more you realize there is something for everyone down at Lake Sundown!